Paintball gun prank is hilarious to watch

I was in Thailand and there were this incident that made me very angry and that was the occurrence of paintball fight in the middle of the street that devastated everything with color that seemed like a gay pride parade had gone wrong and they had an orgy there and they shoot up those colors on the walls and that was really funny. Go through the link to CCMR ONLINE. I think I loved that because that showed the spirit that was the people of Thailand and they were really in the mood for something like that. If I had known that I would have some encounter with this unfunny thing called the paintball gun then I wouldn’t have been here and I would most certainly left to never return to this paintball sick country and I think there is nothing else to it but some plain old thing that is annoying too much and I hate it.

What other purposes people use Quadcopters for?

Apart from photography, some people are only interested in the device itself to suit their desire and passion for the recent technology. People around the world have their own individual desire and accordingly they have managed to utilize this flying mechanism.

Aerial Photography and Video:

Some people are interested in using a flying drone to take aerial pictures of their house or the surrounding neighborhood in order to find out, how the place looks from the eyes of a bird. Using the benefit of airborne view, it has become easier for us to capture some really good moments with the help of the quadcopters.

It is also possible these days to experience the feeling of actually flying and swerve through the branches of the trees. Here is the link to buy quadcopters. The drones have a high definition camera capable of sending video signals directly to a goggle which can be worn by another user to actually experience the flight feeling of first person view.

Sometimes, there are events hosted and sponsored by various companies in which you can perform various flips and other skilful maneuvers to entertain the crowd and audience. People gather together to enjoy such competitions or exhibitions.

Technology can provide versatile uses, therefore, people are constantly finding out ways and using the creative section of their brain to figure out new ways for this device. Fire fighters and rescue teams often use this technology for the benefits of the ordinary people. Drones can also be used to ensure safety and security of the people. However many people have used this device for mass killing which we must stand together to prevent such heinous crimes.

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